Summary of outcomes Lorentz workshop Mathematical Pharmacology

Submitted by coen on Thu, 12/31/2015 - 16:24

There was a consensus to initiate a network to increase the profile of Mathematical Pharmacology and to act as a point of information and contact.

To initiate this network, we plan the following activities:

  • Create a website with a mailing list. The website is active ( and will soon be populated further. The mailinglist ( is active and all participants will be added to the list. New participants and removal requests can be send to
  • When the website is further developed, ask the following organizations to add links to our website: SIAM, SMB, ISOP, ACOP, PAGE, QSP-UK, SMB
  • Try to get an editorial about the workshop in the journal where the white paper is published.
  • Try to get an article in SIAM News related to workshop.
  • Organise mini-symposia at conferences in the field:
    • ECMTB (mathematical and theoretical biology), Submitted a proposal for a mini-symposium. Lead taken by Wilhelm, Gianne, Susanne and Roeland.
    • ACOP, deadline Jan 2015. Lead taken by Angelean, Liesbeth and Coen.
    • SIAM Lifesciences: conference is 11-14 Juli 2016 (Deadline minisymposium proposal submission is  19 January  2016)
    • ECMI 2016 (mini-symposium Mathematical Pharmacology will be organised, Vivi is invited)
    • PAGE
  • Apply for Lorentz Center workshops:
    • Study group meeting (problems from industry/academia that the participants work on, usually there is a mixture of senior and junior people (with a majority of junior people);
    • Ideas exchange (focus on a problem for which various approaches/methodologies are being developed. Present those, focusing on difference, interface, pro's and con's, how to combine. Make start with integrating those approaches.
    • Inventory meeting, lead taken by Liesbeth, Angelean and Vivi.
  • Create a multi-disciplinary think tank, with participants from maths, stats, pharma, physiology, computing science, biology. This would give a platform to discuss what the challenges for the future are and develop strategies to tackle them.