Satellite Session Mathematical Pharmacology at CCS2016

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Drug development is expensive and the number of drugs that is approved for therapeutic use per year, remains in decline. There is an increasing awareness that the high level of biological complexity of organisms, pathophysiological conditions, and our inability to capture those features, are major obstacles to rationally design effective pharmacological therapies. Systems pharmacology is an emerging scientific area that aims to fill the gap between systems biology and pharmacology by integration of biological mechanisms (from sub-cellular to patient cohorts) in quantitative mechanistic models and their application in the discovery and development of pharmaco-therapeutics. This has brought up a diversity of challenges that still needs to be addressed in order to maximally benefit from its potential to improve drug development and therapeutics. These challenges include:

  1. multiple scales and the integration between those scales;
  2. integration of modelling approaches based on differential equations, stochastics, agent based approaches, and statistics;
  3. bridging between highly mechanistic complex models and focused simpler models that capture the essence for drug development and therapeutics.

Mathematics, especially mathematical analysis and mathematical modelling, has enormous potential to tackle those challenges and is of critical importance to support such integration. As such, a mathematical pharmacology approach has the potential to make a substantial impact to advance the eld of pharmacology and therefore ultimately to allow for improved rational design of new therapeutic interventions with maximal therapeutic effect and minimal adverse drug effects.

This Satellite Session will exhibit work in the area of mathematical pharmacology and focus on exploring and enhancing the role of mathematical models and approaches in pharmacology.


Gianne Derks, Department of Mathematics, University of Surrey, UK,
Vivi Rottschäfer, Mathematical Institute, Leiden University, The Netherlands,

Call for abstracts

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Abstract submission deadline is July 1, 2016.

When preparing your submission please keep in mind that the participants of the Conference on Complex Systems 2016 come from a wide spectrum of scientific disciplines and their mathematical expertise varies considerably. The main goal of this satellite session is discuss the role of mathematical models and approaches in pharmacology and provide an opportunity to further explore and enhance this role. We encourage the presenters to gear their talks towards more general audience, following the example of keynote presentations, which usually tend to avoid unnecessary jargon and details.

Submissions will be evaluated and selected based on the adherence with the theme of the satellite, originality and scientific soundness. Once the selection process is complete, the authors of the accepted abstracts will be notified by e-mail.

General information

Mathematical Pharmacology is a satellite session at the Conference of Complex Systems 2016 in Amsterdam. It will take place on Tuesday, 20 September 2016 (whole day). All the participants of our satellite session  must register  for the conference at